About Us

Proudly black owned and managed... 

As our name denotes, Information,more specifically, the provision of critical Real Time Information to our clients, is at the centre of what we do. Our partnership with hardware and software industry leaders puts us at the forefront of using data to solve business challenges in a value adding way.

In a world that is moving at a lightning speed and where information is readily available, companies are constantly seeking to better understand how this fast-paced, great big world out there works, and how they can better position themselves to compete and succeed in this world. The question always remains, how truthful is this information, and how much can this information be relied on? This is where CIRT comes in. We help our clients discover the intrinsic value of Real Time Information. This we do by harnessing Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology to provide clients with business-critical information that helps them improve their operational efficiencies, reduce costs, maximise productivity, and ultimately, increase profits.

Our strength lies not just in analysing big data, but also in eliciting insights that enable business owners and executives to ask the right questions, pick up patterns, predict trends and make informed business decisions and investments for the future. Additionally, the strength of our solutions is that it is industry agnostic, enabling us to cater to a wide-range client base with data analytics and digital transformation requirements, in any industry.

In summary, we partner with, and take care of clients’ data and digital transformation requirements to enable them to focus on what they do best, namely, run their businesses in an era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.