Fridgeloc© Connected Cooler

Imagine a world where you can geofence and identify your cooler locations, whilst having the ability to analyze their operating temperature of your fridges throughout South Africa. This is now possible with the advanced Fridgeloc Solution provided to you by CIRT.

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Benefits of our solution include:

  • Track and recover stolen/”lost” fridges or coolers; 

  • Geofence Technology – Trigger Alarms if a fridge is moved out of a specific location without the correct authorisation (on certain options only);

  • Remote asset audits as and when required automatically using Fridgeloc Connected Cooler solution;  

  • Ability to hold vendors accountable on supplied fridges operating temperature and Service Level Agreements 

  • Determine whether a fridge is operational or not (assists with dispatch of technicians);

  • Using advanced AI and Machine Learning we are able to provide preventative and predicative maintenance for your cooler fleet; and

  • Ability to use data analytics and algorithms to determine insightful trends that you would like to receive including which cooler vendor has lower breakdowns or which province has higher maintenance costs.