Our Strategic Partners

Digital Twin

For our hardware solution, we have partnered with Digital Twin, a leading proudly South African IoT hardware developer that specializes in manufacturing customized IoT enabled hardware sensors used to gather critical data. The technology consists of a combination of data and software analytics, machine learning, customized algorithms and artificial intelligence, as well as a hardware device that continuously learns from its environment without human interference.


Locally designed technology and locally manufactured too allows us to be agile in our ability to service client needs.


Partnering with the most valuable company in the world means our clients never have to worry about service or quality or being at the cutting edge of technology. Our strategic partner for the cloud platform services is Microsoft Azure, through its Microsoft App Factory. 


Azure allows us to connect your devices at any scale without worrying about infrastructure and Microsoft uses best-in-class security.  We have access to the latest technology that Microsoft has to offer. Azure is built on proven enterprise-grade services suitable to all client sizes.



Microsoft senior software technicians develop complex solutions under the guidance of Microsoft experts. The App factory team’s experience, knowledge and skills-set are amongst the best the country has to offer in the IoT space and they assist us to develop minimum viable products in solution building or customized proof of concept development.


When developing a solution, it is critical to partner with the right communications network. The communication network has the all-important function of transporting the data from the hardware to the selected cloud service provider. The solution’s effectiveness relies on the communication network’s ability to perform this function with no interruption. Additionally, there are multiple factors to consider when choosing a communication network. These include, national coverage, architecture of the network, data transmission time (e.g. data updated every 30 seconds), and future technology developments. 


Thingstream meets all the above criteria. It provides enterprise-grade connectivity for IoT applications. In addition, it provides global connectivity to over 190 countries.  CIRT has partnered with Thingstreamdue to the company’s global presence along with the organisations ongoing research and development around global IOT trends. It use GSM, 2G,3G to create its reliable network for IOT enabled devices. Through this partnership, CIRT has access to the communication network with the all-important function of transporting the data from the IoT hardware to our cloud service provider.

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