Retail Intelligence Solution

Imagine a world where you can walk into a store open a mobile application on your smart phone and scan items you want to purchase then proceed to our CIRT RIS Smart Kiosk.  You place your basket of purchases on our IoT Scale and we validate your purchases with the application on your phone.  Once validated, we allow you to pay using many existing payment methods like Zapper, SnapScan, Masterpass etc.  Once payment is authenticated we issue you with an electronic receipt and off you go.  Smart scan and pay technology allowing for the ultimate contactless and cashless customer convenience.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Lowers contact with cashiers especially with COVID-19 threats in retail environments;

  • Enhanced customer engagement through personalised promotions and in-app promotions;

  • Increased customer throughput;

  • Increased customer satisfaction;

  • Higher sales for retailers; and

  • Unique data insights for customers and retailers.

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